How Healthy Are Sugar Alternatives?

March 16, 2018

These days we have a greater access to information, which means we are becoming ever more health conscious. It also seems that there are certain buzz words doing the rounds such as ‘refined sugar-free.’ Increasing numbers of products are now using unprocessed options instead, but what does it mean? Is it really healthy or are you being deceived by the hype?

Natural sugars, also referred to as alternative sugar, are often marketed as healthy alternatives. They include coconut sugar, date syrup, raw honey, agave syrup or maple syrup. Many believe that these kinds of sugar will not upset your blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as healthy sugar. Here are the reasons:


The white sugar from the cane is always known as sucrose. Sucrose has two components: fructose and glucose in a ratio of 1:1. Glucose is the part that makes sugar sweet and is the primary source of energy in your body. Only your liver can process the other fructose component. If you consume too much sucrose that is required by your body, you gain weight.

Excess fructose is dangerous

Your digestive tract has a problem absorbing fructose compared to other sugars. This means that more fructose will then go to your liver. The excess amount of fructose in your liver will lead to the creation of processes that may lead to fatty liver disease, hormonal imbalance, type 2 diabetes, obesity and systemic inflammation. It may also lead to insulin resistance, and it considerably raises levels of triglycerides in your blood.

Fructose in fruit

You may be aware that fructose is found in fruits, so you are probably wondering why you are always advised to incorporate them into your diet. When fructose is consumed within a fruit, it does not have the same effect on your metabolism. Fiber, minerals, vitamins and the high water content in fruit helps you stay fuller for longer. This is also the reason you are advised to eat your fruits whole instead of taking them as a drink. You should not be scared of anything that contains fructose – just be cautious when it is high up on the list of ingredients.

Components of healthy sugar alternatives

Sugar alternatives also contain fructose and glucose, implying that consuming too much of them is equally going to give you problems. Nevertheless, you should know that sugar from natural sources is more abundant in minerals and vitamins compared to refined sugar. The bottom line is to eat your sugar substitutes in moderation.

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