Covid-19 Masks Types and Prevention Regime!

October 10, 2020
Covid-19 Masks Types

With the wild spread of COVID-19 pandemic, a sudden increase of masks consumption has been reported and people are starting to panic; wondering which mask would be the most effective!

Masks  a serious matter that affects lives; there’s no question ! And no one is willing to face the consequences of not taking the best precautions… like washing hands, using sanitizers, alcohols, gloves … and most importantly… MASKS!

Different types of masks have been introduced to the public, however WHO (world health organization) had confined them into 3 main categories:

Medical masks (also known as surgical masks): these are made from a minimum of three layers of synthetic nonwoven materials, and configured to have filtration layers sandwiched in the middle. These masks are available in different thicknesses, have various levels of fluid-resistance and two levels of filtration. These medical masks reduce the respiratory droplets from the wearer to others and to the environment. They also prevent transmission of the virus from others to the wearer.

Respirators (also known as filtering face- piece respirators – FFP) and available at different performance levels such as FFP2, FFP3, N95, N99): these are specifically designed for healthcare workers who provide care to COVID-19 patients in settings and areas where aerosol generating procedures are undertaken. Healthcare workers should be fit tested before using a respirator to ensure that they are wearing the correct size.

Non-medical masks (also known as fabric masks, home-made masks, DIY masks) can act as a barrier to prevent the spread of the virus from the wearer to others.
They can be purchased commercially or handmade, and are generally not standardized like medical masks. There are numerous types of fabric masks, they should cover the nose, mouth, and chin and be secured with elastic loops or ties, include multiple layers, be washable and reusable.

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Putting in consideration that Masks alone WILL NOT protect you from the virus; other measures should be taken into consideration including performing frequent hand hygiene and physical distancing of at least six feet.

And remember, hands should be cleaned with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water before putting on a clean mask and after removing the mask. Any mask should be worn tightly on the face. The wearer should avoid touching the mask while it is on the face.

Above all, stay informed to the disease progress; pay attention to local authority’s recommendations, to follow and encourage best practices.


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