How much do you know about your medication?

March 16, 2018

Millions of people in this country depend on prescription medications to control medical conditions and help them to have happier lives. Many, however, do not know much about the medications they are taking or how they work within the body.

Educate yourself about medications you take

It is important to understand how your medication works within your body in order to gain a greater understanding of your conditions and how to control them more effectively. Each type of medication has a specific use and should be taken in a specific way to get the maximum benefit from it. The more you know about your medications, the safer you will be from drug interactions, disease interactions, and overdoses. If you have a pharmacist that will take the time to discuss your medications with you when you pick them up from the pharmacy, you can gain more insight into the course of treatment, as well as become more knowledgeable about the way the drug works and interacts with substance and medical issues.

Know how much and when

Knowing when to take your medication, and how much to take are equally important. Timing is crucial for the proper treatment of your medical conditions and your pharmacist may emphasize the particular times you are supposed to take your prescriptions. For instance, they may say to take a pill in the morning with a meal and one in the evening with a meal. Some drugs are intended to be taken with food, and some are not. These pieces of information are critical to the effectiveness and safety of your treatment. Ultimately, taking your medication at the right time allows it to be the most effective and helps prevent complications.

It is also important to stick with the exact dose your doctor prescribes rather than taking what you think you need. The dose is critical to properly and safely treating your condition. Not following your prescription instructions can lead to an overdose or a serious reaction. Proper prescription counseling will outline all of this important information to help keep you safe and to ensure your treatment is successful.

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