Immune system boosting Supplements

March 22, 2020

Note: The supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA, and that’s why at Welltopia Pharmacy we find companies that implement 3rd party testing as well as have sufficient research to support their claims.

Vitamin C (Sufficient C, Buffered Vitamin C, and High potency Vitamin C Gummies)

Vitamin C at moderate doses can be taken as preventative measures because it provides great immune system support (1 gm once or twice daily, or 2000 mg daily). And the dose is better divided through the day.

The Sufficient C dietary supplement is an excellent recommendation that contains 2000mg in each scoop. If you are experiencing a fever or any other symptoms of a viral infection, you should take 1 gm every couple of hours until you have loose stool. Additionally, there is another supplement that contains high potency vitamin C dummies for children available at Welltopia pharmacy. In addition to so many brands, but call us for availability as demand is currently much higher than the supply chain. We do our best to provide the best options.

Cough Syrup (Nailin’ my Coughin’)

This is an important cough syrup to keep at home as it is made with Organic Elderberry, Mullein leaf, and Elecampane, which are all meant to soothe and support your respiratory system.

Vitamin D, and K2 (D3 and K2 by NuMedica, Vitamin D by Ortho Molecular, K-Force by Ortho Molecular)

Taking a high dose of Vitamin D a day (5000IU-10,000 IU) is highly recommended to boost one’s immune system and prevent vitamin D deficiency. Taking K2 with vitamin D helps ensure that it is purposed properly in the body.

Green tea extract (EGCG by Designs for Health, and Sufficient C)

EGCG also contains many health benefits that include reducing inflammation and improving immune system function. The sufficient C supplement also contains EGCG as well as Bromelain, and L-lysine Hydrochloride.

Colloidal Silver (Silvercillin Spray by Designs from Health, and Argentyn 23)

Studies have shown that Colloidal Silver May have anti-viral properties. It’s recommended to take 5ml daily prophylactically. I suggest it to be taken three times daily when active infection.


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