Keeping Depression Away with Ketamine

March 21, 2019

The current research breakthroughs in how much Ketamine can aid in treating depression, are truly worth contemplating and discovering. There are many different uses for ketamine, such as for refractory depression, pain and sedation. The primary role of ketamine in low doses is as an ‘anti-hyperalgesic’, ‘anti-allodynic’ or ‘tolerance-protective’ agent. It, therefore, has a role in the treatment of opioid resistant or ‘pathological’ pain.

Compared to other opioid-related treatments, Ketamine in intranasal form boasts an up 50% impressive rate of bioavailability. A randomized, double-blind, crossover placebo-controlled trial enrolled 20 patients with major depression. The treatment group received 50 mg of intranasal ketamine. This study concluded that intranasal ketamine is safe and effective for rapid recovery from depression in patients that have failed at least one antidepressant trial. The antidepressant effect from ketamine was detectable 40 minutes after the dose was given.

We have had such positive feedback from our patients at Welltopia who have used different forms of the Ketamine compound! We would be to share more knowledge with you in regards the efficiency of Ketamine as a compound and its emergence in treating depression. One patient in particular had a Ketamine prescription through a different provider, and when she switched to the PCCA formula we use, she reached out to us to let us know that “it changed her life”, in her own words. We pride ourselves in only using the highest quality bases and ingredients for all of our compounds — Ketamine included.

Talk to your healthcare provider about a Ketamine prescription, or contact your pharmacist with any questions you may have. Always remember — your pharmacist is the easiest healthcare provider to reach!

*Information  regarding Ketamine research and results was obtained from PCCA.