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Low dose Naltrexone is a custom made AKA compounded drug with so many promises to patients with chronic health conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Crohn’s, IBS, cancer, and even depression. With very low side effects’ profile compared to most drugs. LDN affordable for most patients, we are hosting again Omar the Pharmacist to answer important questions related to this unique drug.

Naltrexone belongs to a class of drugs called Opiate Antagonists, indicated for the treatment of alcohol dependence behavior modification, opioid dependence cessation programs, and rapid detoxification from opiate overdose.

And it works for this purpose wonderfully. My brother, also a pharmacist, had someone run to his pharmacy pleading for help. Her boyfriend overdosed on heroin. As the experienced pharmacist he is, he grabbed Narcan-an intranasal form of Naltrexone-and after one puff in the young man’s nostril, he came back from the dead!

And that’s how Naltrexone works on opioid receptors, blocking them completely and reversing their action, like breathing suppression when narcotics overdosing occurs.

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