Similase GFCF


Similase GFCF provides Gluten and Casein digestive enzymes, including DPP IV, to support the breakdown of gluten or casein.

  • Features Microbial Enzymes that are active in both acidic and alkaline environments.
  • Comprehensive combination to support the digestion of all food types.
  • Helps support the breakdown of gluten and casein.

 Soy Free Product



Similase GFCF supports a gluten-free, casein-free lifestyle and helps relieve occasional indigestion, gas and bloating.

  1. Digestion of gluten and casein can be particularly difficult for some individuals.
  2. Contains enzymes to support comprehensive digestion, while also providing dipeptidyl peptidase IV (DPP IV) activity for the digestion of proline-containing dipeptides from gluten and casein.
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Q. What are the sources of the enzymes used in Similase® GFCF?
A. The vegetarian enzymes used in Similase® GFCF are produced through the fermentation of fungal organisms, including Aspergillus, Rhizopus, and Saccharomyces. Some of the vegetarian enzyme products contain maltase, which is derived from malt barley. If a product contains maltase, it is not gluten-free.

Q. What do the abbreviations for enzyme activity units (e.g., USP, HUT, etc.) stand for?
A. There are many scientific systems used for measuring enzyme activity. The most common enzyme measurement systems are Food Chemical Codex (FCC), United States Pharmacoepia (USP), and Federal Internationale Pharmaceutique (FIP). Each different enzyme measurement system has an enzyme assay method with its own units of measurements. For example, one of the enzyme measurements from protease is HUT (Hemoglobin Unit Tyrosine). Here are some common enzyme activity abbreviations:HUT = hemoglobin unit tyrosine PC = Bacterial Protease Unit DU = apha-amylase dextrinizing unit LU = lipase units PU = phytase units ALU = acid lactase unit CU = cellulase units INVU = inverted unitLacU = lactase activity unit

Serving Size: 2 capsules
Microbial Enzymes Assay Method 621 mg**
DPP IV Protease Blend (Protease I, II, III, IV, V): FCC (pH 4.7) 134,660 HUT, FCC (pH 7.0) 22,660 PC,  USP (pH 7.5) 12,557 USP
Amylase: FCC (pH 4.6) 16,370 DP°, FCC (pH 4.8) 16,370 DU, USP (pH 6.8) 10,913 USP
Lactase I, II: FCC (pH 4.5) 642 ALU
Lipase I, II: FCC (pH 7.0) 888 FIP
Cellulase I, II: FCC (pH 4.5) 141 CU
Sucrase (Invertase): FCC (pH 4.5) 181 SU
Phytase: FCC (pH 5.5) 0.68 FTU
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Similase GFCF

Similase GFCF