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Assists in Removing Biofilms and Plaque for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Microorganisms and bacterial biofilms cause a number of oral health challenges. The use of the broad-spectrum botanicals in Dentalcidin™ LS assists in removing biofilms and plaque and is an excellent way to promote and maintain healthy teeth and gums. Dentists also recommend the use of Dentalcidin™LS as an oral rinse for increased support to Dentalcidin™ toothpaste where needed.


  • Laboratory and clinically tested for effectiveness for over 30 years.
  • Recommended as nutritional support by leading practitioners of Functional and Integrative Medicine.
  • Research indicates potential in addressing biofilms and chronic/resistant cases of imbalanced terrain.
  • Includes botanicals to assist detoxification pathways and address inflammation.
  • To decrease possible die-off or detoxification-type reactions we always recommend concurrent usage of G.I. Detox™+ with Biocidin®.

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Dentalcidin™LS liposomal rinse contains Biocidin®, our proprietary blend of 18 botanical extracts and essential oils. Pilot research shows Biocidin® significantly reduces the viability of germs associated with biofilm production.

Dentalcidin™ toothpaste gently and effectively cleans and whitens teeth, while supporting healthy microbial balance.* Dentalcidin™LS adds deeper activity in the periodontal area.* Both products contain essential oils to freshen your breath.

Suggested Use
Swish using 2 pumps for 1-2 minutes then expel. Use 2-3 times per day after brushing with Dentalcidin™ Toothpaste for a complete program and ongoing maintenance. Best if used within 60 days of opening.
Store at room temperature.
  • Dentalcidin®LS supplement facts