Potassium Citrate

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90 capsules 

Potassium Citrate is essential for heart and skeletal muscle function.

Well-absorbed form of potassium, in addition to its role in heart and skeletal muscle function, it also alkalinizes urine to support kidney and lower urinary tract health.


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Potassium Citrate plays a vital role in the proper functioning of skeletal muscle and the heart muscle.

Essential for nerve impulse transmission, muscle contractility, maintaining normal blood pressure, energy production and nucleic acid synthesis.

  1. Epidemiological evidence suggests that diets high in potassium provide numerous benefits to cardiovascular health.
  2. Chronic potassium deficiency can result in various adverse health conditions, including prolonged feelings of weakness and fatigue.
  3. Thorne’s Potassium Citrate promotes cardiovascular health, and also supports kidney and lower urinary tract health by inhibiting precipitates in the urine because of its alkalizing effect.
  4. Potassium Citrate’s benefit of alkalizing the urine also inhibits the growth of undesirable bacteria in the urinary tract.
  5. Another reason to facilitate an alkaline urine is that certain botanical extracts, like berberine, that support a healthy urinary tract work most effectively in alkaline urine.

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