Ultra Pure Vegan Omega SPM+

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90 capsules

Ultra Pure Vegan Omega SPM+  is a performance-focused vegan fish oil alternative

  • Omega-3s from sustainably sourced, plant-based algal oil concentrate.
  • Resolvins are specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs) that work with DHA and DPA to provide more activity than traditional omega supplements.
  • Support activated immune system response, cardiovascular health, and cognitive focus.

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Ultra Pure Vegan Omega SPM+  micro soft gels are 40% smaller than average omega products.

Each serving contains 390mg DHA (triglyceride form) to support a healthy immune system response and maintain cardiovascular health.

  • This supports central nervous system function and healthy cognitive performance.
  • 50MG DPA, structurally similar to DHA and EPA, offers a well-rounded omega-3 profile, including the third most prevalent essential omega-3 fatty acid.
  • The full-spectrum omega-3 profile provides enhanced support for healthy platelet activity, lipid metabolism, and a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • 300mcg of resolvins serve in the activation and support of a healthy resolution of the inflammatory system.
  • 1mg of astaxanthin has high antioxidant characteristics to help preserve the stability of each soft gel and the omega-3 oils.

Ultra Pure Vegan Omega 975


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