UltraMag Magnesium

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120 vegcaps

UltraMag Magnesium utilizes microencapsulation technology to enhance magnesium absorption.

  • Nutrient metabolism and energy production.
  • Supports bone health.
  • Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients.


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UltraMag Magnesium technology creates a phospholipid bilayer around the mineral that is similar to a liposome.

Increasing solubility in the gastrointestinal fluids and facilitating absorption across membranes.

  1. In a comparative crossover study, magnesium in the Sucrosomial® matrix was compared to other forms of magnesium in human subjects.
  2. Twenty-four-hour blood and urinary magnesium measurements indicated superior absorption of Sucrosomial® magnesium compared to magnesium citrate, glycinate, and oxide.
  3. Promotes muscle relaxation, bone and cardiovascular health.
  4. Phospholipid bilayer microencapsulation technology protects mineral in gastrointestinal lumen, increases dissolvability, and easily crosses membranes.

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