Revitalize Your Skin with BHRT

June 17, 2023
Revitalize Your Skin with BHRT

Aging is an enemy of youthful skin. because older skin is bale, dryer, flabby, and less pretty than younger skin. Unfortunately, older skin is also prone to feel itching and often heals so slowly.
It is not only for skin, aging also promotes thinning of your hair. Do you know? 26% of menopausal women suffer from hair thinning and hair loss!
In this article, we will shed light on this enemy and how to fight it. Let’s go,

Why skin looks good in youthful over aging?

Estrogen supports collagen. Maintaining youthful skin is all about maintaining collagen levels. This is what aesthetic interventions seek to promote to get younger, healthier, and more highly-collagen skin, by microabrasion, peels, laser, or some new fillers.
These techniques are well known and commonly used, sometimes causing burns or inflammation, but what is little known or published, is the role of bioidentical hormones for dermatological uses, such as anti-aging effects.

Youthful skin look

What is BHRT? (what about BHRT and skin aging)?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is synthetic hormones that are identical to hormones that your body makes. BHRT is individualized for you which makes it have lower side effects than traditional hormone medications because hormones may cause acne and chin hair growth if you are not on balanced formula individualized for you.

Do you know why does skin age?

During menopause, there are hormone changes, literally, it’s “deficiencies”. especially estrogen hormone. Loss of estrogen accelerates collagen breakdown and decreases elastin. this is the trigger for all skin problems, from dehydration to wrinkles and looking less youthful.
Overall, in aging less estrogen promotes dryness, full of wrinkles, and pale skin. Also, another hormone loss promotes some other disrupted issues like hair growth in the wrong places, such as more hair growth in the women’s chin and less on the head.

39 % of menopausal women start to complain from increasing chin hair growth, you can imagine how it is harder to see, how it is harder to get rid of!
Thankfully, hormone therapies help with aging hormonal issues. It can help in elasticity, prevent wrinkles, provide hydration, and therefore younger-looking skin. this may be enough but I love to tell you about other benefits like energy, a thinner waistline, and healthier sleep! You need to know the ways.
Treatment with estrogen for a year has been shown to help in the improvement of skin appearance, as it decreases collagen breakdown, prevents wrinkles, and produces skin elasticity and younger-youthful skin.
Another great “shiny skin” hormone is DHEA(dehydroepiandrosterone) supplement. that increases sebum production, so plumps up the skin and makes it shine. DHEA helps hands to don’t appear so wrinkled, as it improves hand skin thickness. Some women break out of this hormone due to its effects so, be careful! Dosing is very important, especially with hormonal treatment to avoid hormonal imbalance symptoms. Welltopia advises you to try BHRT to catch these benefits of hormonal therapies with individualized, adjusted doses avoiding hormonal imbalance symptoms.

Benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

It can help with aging problems such as skin and mood issues and hormonal imbalance symptoms

  1. Help to improve hot flashes.
  2. To decrease night sweats.
  3. Help to improve mood changes and memory problems.
  4. May help with sleep issues.

A study was done on 296 women receiving BHRT at the ages of 52±9 years. The results showed that Those women experienced a decrease in emotional lability, reduction in anxiety, reduction in night sweats, and reduction in hot flashes.

BHRT benefits

In conclusion, BHRT becomes a wide field of treatment in hormonal therapy, especially for aging, that promotes safety and efficacy with adjusted, individualized doses determined by your healthcare provider. Consult with your compounding pharmacist about the recommended plan for you according to your lab tests and get soon your safe treatment with a follow-up program.

You can contact the Welltopia consultation team to get your one on one consultation.


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