Shingrix Is at Welltopia!

March 9, 2019

Shingrix, the long-awaited Shingles vaccine, is available at Welltopia! This is BIG news as this vaccine has seen such unprecedented demand, to the point that there is massive shortage for it in all 50 states! But, thankfully, as part of our Welltopia family, all you have to do is call us, make your appointed, get vaccinated — and you are set!


You probably are wondering, however, about all the buzz surrounding the Shingrix vaccine. What makes it different from other Shingles vaccines, and why is it being recommended by the majority of healthcare providers across the spectrum? Well, we are all about being ready! The following Q&As should cover most the frequently asked questions around Shringrix.

Why is shingrix in such huge demand?

Shingrix is the first Shingles vaccine approved by the FDA in more than 10 years. It is, also, the ONLY Shingles vaccine proven to be 90% effective in clinical trials. In comparison to the efficiency of Zostavax of only 51%, that is a big considerable leap.

How does Shingrix work?

Shingrix, simply, works to boost your body’s defense against singles. As you age, your immune system’s ability to defend your body, declines. What Shingrix does it helps and aids your immune system in fighting the Shingles virus, and therefore, protecting you against it.

how many times do I take shingrix before i expect it to work?

Shingrix is administered in two doses. It is very important to take both doses, in order for Shingrix to do its job. Typically, the second dose is taken two to six months after the first dose. Check with your pharmacy or your healthcare provider for a reminder system, to make sure you do not miss your second dose — it is as important as the first.

Are there common side effects for shingrix?

It is common to expect some, or all of the following side effects after taking your vaccine: pain, redness, and swelling at the injection site, muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach are all common side effects of SHINGRIX.

If you ever in doubt at, any point, do not hesitate to contact your pharmacist. Your pharmacist is always the easiest healthcare provider to reach!

Is there anything I should let my pharmacist know before taking shingrix?

It is always advised to let your pharmacist know if any allergies, or health history you may have. But, generally speaking, Shingrix is safe to take, and highly recommend for patients, especially patients 50 and above, to take.

Have any questions that we may have not covered in this blog?

Call us at 262-429-9429, or contact us any time. We are always happy to help!