Thank You For Smoking?

February 13, 2022

Thank You For Smoking, No I don’t think so, but Did you ever wonder if smoking may have any benefits at all?! Well let me tell you this story and we’ll let you decide!

So last year at a Thanksgiving gathering, I met one of my old friends, this friend has been a heavy smoker but thankfully he quit!

And of course, we were all talking about his big news asking about his health and if he is feeling any change at all!

But to our surprise he said:
“Well it has been hard of course at the beginning, but now I’m sleeping better eating better, however unfortunately I’ve been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis!”

We were very sorry to hear that, but to our astonishment, he continued:
“And you’ll never guess what the doctor said! … He advised me with nicotine patches !! I quit cold turkey and am now advised to take nicotine patches! Very strange.”

So one of our friends jumped up and said! What?! So why not just smoke again then?!
And at this moment I had to interfere … I explained to them that smoking nicotine increases one way or another the mucus that surrounds and protects the colon, and when he quits smoking the mucus layer became thinner hence the protection decreased!

That’s why his doctor advised him with nicotine patches, along with normal meds.

But this is not the only option, you can increase your mucous lining surrounding the intestines and promote your overall digestive health by:
1- Eating a diet high in fiber
2- Taking an excellent form of probiotics, like Wellbiitics select. Daily for at least six months.
3- Reduce your stress level or work on your HPA axis dysfunction: big topic!
4- Reduce your alcohol intake
5- Take less NSAID or substitute with natural products
4- Take products that decrease inflammation in the gut: a product with curcumin extract, L-Glutamine, and propolis.

Smoking for a long time = damage to every cell in your body, including your gut health, and fixing your digestion will impact your overall health.

Therefore, I explained to my friend that his gut issues are a wake-up call and Smoking again is not an option, smoking damages,, smoking kills … but if any of our dear readers suffer from the same situation don’t panic, visit us at welltopia and we’ll offer you the best substitute for nicotine!
So What do you think?! Do you think smoking has benefits?! Nicotine sure has benefits but that’s another story!