The Best supplements to reduce inflammation in the body

April 5, 2023

What is inflammation?

Inflammation is a type of defense mechanism in our bodies, it’s the process by which the immune system recognizes & removes harmful and foreign bodies and then starts the healing process. Inflammation can be classified into acute, subacute, and chronic inflammation;

1. Acute inflammation:

Tissues are damaged due to microbial invasion, trauma, or noxious compounds and It starts rapidly.

2. Subacute inflammation:

It’s the period between acute & chronic inflammation and its duration is from 2 to 6 weeks.

3. Chronic inflammation:

Long-term inflammation that lasts for prolonged periods (several months and years) 

Risk factors associated with chronic inflammation:

  • Age
  • Obesity
  • Diet
  • Smoking
  • Low sex hormones 
  • Stress and sleep disorders

What Are The 5 Classic Signs Of Inflammation?

  1. Pain 
  2. Redness 
  3. Heat
  4. Swelling
  5. Loss of function

inflammation signs

What Deficiency Causes Inflammation In The Body?

Vitamin D deficiency has a relation to the systemic inflammation that usually occurs with it (seen in elevated C- Reactive protein results). Elevating vitamin D may reduce chronic inflammation, but only for patients with vitamin D deficiency. The greatest decrease in CRP is observed in the patients who had the most severe vitamin D deficiency.

What Vitamins Get Rid Of Inflammation In The Body?

  1. Vitamin A: prevents the immune system from overreacting and causing inflammation.
  2. B Vitamins: Decrease levels of C-reactive protein.
  3. Vitamin C: eliminates free radicals and decreases inflammatory triggers.
  4. Vitamin D: In Research, it showed a significant anti-inflammatory effect on the cells. 
  5. Vitamin E: Acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
  6. Vitamin K: lower inflammatory levels.

How Can You Permanently Reduce Inflammation?

You can permanently reduce inflammation by changing what you ingest, and lowering your intake of fried food, sugar-sweetened beverages, refined carbohydrates, margarine, and also red meat will reduce inflammation. 

Try using a Mediterranean diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, fish, whole grains, and healthy oils as they reduce inflammation.

What Can I Take Naturally To Reduce Inflammation?

  • Turmeric: one of its main active constituents is curcumin that act as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Ginger: contains more than 100 active constituents and a number of them are responsible for its anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Garlic: contains sulfur compounds that act as an anti-inflammatory. 
  • Cardamom: using cardamom may reduce C-Reactive protein (CRP), Interleukin 6 (IL-6), and Tumor Necrosis factor alpha (TNF-α) inflammatory markers.
  • Black pepper: It contains piperine active constituent that may act as an anti-inflammatory.
  • Ginseng: Ginsenoside’s active constituent is believed to reduce signs of inflammation.
  • Green tea: its anti-inflammatory effect is due to polyphenols such as  epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). 
  • Rosemary: It’s rich in anti-inflammatory polyphenols
  • Cinnamon: reduces C- reactive protein (CRP) and MDA levels.

Natural anti inflammatories

What Can You Drink To Reduce Inflammation?

You can drink Matcha to reduce inflammation because it’s rich in epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) that acts as an anti-inflammatory and also an antioxidant. 

What are the best supplements to reduce inflammation?

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids: prevent some types of inflammation such as vascular inflammation.
  2. Curcumin
  3. Zinc: Potent anti-inflammatory and also supports the immune system.
  4. Green tea: people who live in countries that consume more green tea have lower rates of inflammatory diseases.
  5. Cat’s claw: Research suggests that a cat’s claw may reduce various forms of inflammation, it inhibits TNF-alpha inflammatory chemicals.

Does Turmeric Supplement Reduce Inflammation?

Yes as modern studies suggest that turmeric (rich in curcumin) is a potent anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, an antimutagenic, antimicrobial, and anticancer agent.

How Do You Get The Best Turmeric Supplement Online?

Turmeric Glow: It’s full-spectrum turmeric that contains an exclusive blend of bioactive nutrients.

Turmeric Glow offers a well-rounded blend of turmeric phytonutrients that help support normal inflammatory balance and strengthen immune reserves.

  1. Whole-root turmeric and its active components have been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for centuries.
  2. The whole root provides far greater therapeutic benefits than just one isolated compound of turmeric.
  3. Delivering the full-spectrum health benefits of the whole turmeric root without excipients or other additives.
  4. The molecular structure contributes to its bio-efficacy and maximizes its pleiotropic effects, making it an essential support to balance various biochemical pathways in our body.
  5. The Complete formula is unique and delivers the full-spectrum health benefits of the whole turmeric root.

Turmeric Glow Ingredients

  • Turmeric Root Extract (Complete Turmeric Matrix)
  • Standardized to contain 45-55% Curcuminoids, 3-8% Volatile Oil, 2-6% Turmerin

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