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July 18, 2022

Do you suffer from  health issues and your health  concerns are not yet addressed ?Then continue this to know more.

What is Welltopia Dr. Referrals?!

referral is a request  from a patient to Welltopia to get connected with a suitable health care provider who has more experience with the health concern of the patient according to the wide network of providers we work with at Welltopia. The providers range from integrative medicine practitioners to specialists/podiatrists/ general practitioners, you name it! We know which doctors take care of their patients, and we want to connect you with the provider that will help you.

Why is Doctor Referral Important?!

Because a healthcare system where patients see practitioners based on what insurance chooses for them is not the best functioning progressive system. There are gaps in care, and patients are many times perceived as health conditions and billing codes! Many of us need more Individualized care and support, and that’s what Welltopia promises with this program.

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When will you actually need a Dr. Referral Request?!

This will probably happen when your health care provider wants you to  someone else and this case will happen when

  • They believe that you need the experience of another doctor
  • They believe you need medication that the other doctor can prescribe
  • They believe you need more advanced and specialized analysis or tests.

Or when you want to get a different opinion!

Does this mean you have a critical condition?

Not necessarily, for example, if you are going through discomfort in your life but your condition does not qualify to be called a health condition, you are left with fewer choices of practitioners to see.


Also, Think of conditions like menopause symptoms for women/ low energy for men.

Or a different weight loss program you believe can help you or a desire to use a special treatment program, and you need a doctor familiar with the program like Low dose Naltrexone in clinical cases. The list goes on.

What does a referral include to be on the safe side?!

  • Relevant clinical information and details.
  • Exact date of the referral.
  • The area where you live or your flexibility to travel to see a health care professional.

Can a patient choose the specialist that they want to be referred to?

Welltopia pharmacists will offer you options, and you choose the relevant practitioner you are most comfortable with.


Where can you get a Doctor Referral request?

Referrals can be made by doctors, dentists, and pharmacists. We can gather your information in a few simple steps with a single Online Form. This will help to ensure that the referral contains the information the other health practitioner needs.

4 Home Doctors Online Consultation Services

Welltopia Pharmacy is located at 136 N Main Street, Thiensville, Wisconsin. Welltopia has many connections with the best doctors in town and will recommend you to the best specialists that will address your health issues and provide you with the best cure!

Last but not least, as always, Welltopia’s first concern will always be your health that’s why we provide you with this service FREE OF CHARGE.

Stay healthy, and stay with Welltopia! 

Doctor Referral Request

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