Welltopia’s 5th Anniversary!!

December 3, 2022
welltopia 5th anniversary

Just like today five years ago on December 1st, 2017, that’s when I opened doors to Welltopia for the first day ever.

I remember the first prescription I entered in my system: was for an antidepressant for a fine customer from Shorewood, sertraline 50 mg, take one tablet once a day.

I do not want to say I did not know what I was doing, I knew exactly what I was doing back then and what I am doing today. I am serving my patients and helping them the same way I help my wife, my mother, my son, my brother, my daughter, my sister, and my father. My family in an unorganized order because one of them will need me now before the other and I have to be there ready with what god has given me strength and weapons to help defend their health and wellness.

My mission in my pharmacy is sacred, and I do everything I can to make it happen. My biggest daily challenge is to build a team with the same vision of giving it everything offering the sincere excellence of customer experience.

You come to my pharmacy to receive a service, period.

My commitment is this customer experience. I am useful when I can offer you what I promised by my words and by my team’s commitment to your health.

Five years passed and we were challenged by so many factors. We built a big family in Wisconsin and nationwide that supports and knows the name Welltopia. We won national awards recognizing our efforts for innovation and giving.

And we built a whole pharmacy that offers the medication and the supplement and the recommendation and promise for better health. I will not just keep dispensing health. I want to dispense advice and heritage of an interesting life promised by the updates of everything and anything related to a pharmacy.

Thank you mother for making me who I am.
Thank you father for keeping me going.

Thank you beautiful wife for your support.

Thank you Brother for believing in me.

Thank you kids for bringing joy to my life.
Thank you my team members for making it work every single day.

And thank you patients for being my bigger family.

Omar the pharmacist

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