Phosphorus benefits, uses, and side effects

June 5, 2023
Phosphorus: Benefits, Uses, Side effects And Dosage & More

Phosphorous is an interesting element, even in its history. It is a very important element in different aspects of life.
It’s involved in a lot of fields like agriculture, food, and the cosmetic industry. Here we will address phosphorous a mineral that is very essential for the human body..let’s go,
Minerals are substances that are made up of one element or a combination of several elements. They are nutrients that are needed for all body functions.

What do you know about phosphorous?

Its name is derived from the Greek phosphors which mean ” bringing light” because of the property of “glowing in the dark”, it was also the ancient name of Venus when it appears before sunrise.
In the past, it was discovered by Henning Brand, with a disgusting method.. of boiling and filtering, then processing 60 buckets of urine! Thankfully, now obtained from phosphate rock (Ca3(PO4).
Phosphates present in our skeleton in an inorganic form 85% (hydroxyapatite).and about 15% in our soft tissue and circulation as organic compounds.

What do you know about phosphorus

What is phosphorus used for?

I think we can’t talk about phosphorous without mentioning the role of ATP
(adenosine triphosphate) in the human body, which is the main energy supplier.
ATP plays an important role in Energy production, which is needed for all biological processes of the body.
Now, let’s understand this interesting small story of phosphorous and ATP,
Two molecules of phosphoric acid form diphosphoric acid.
Diphosphoric acid with its salts forms diphosphates.
Diphsphates with triphosphates( from 3 molecules of phosphoric acid) are high-
energy compounds due to their P-O-P linkages.
ATP consists of tri-phosphoric acid with ribose and glycoside binding with the purine base adenine.
So we can say that phosphorous is a life-saving compound, Due to its important role in energy production for the human body.

Other uses of phosphorous:

It is part of a lot of compounds In the human body such as:

  • ADP molecules.
  • Creatinine phosphate.

It helps your nerves and muscles to do their jobs. and helps you to turn fats and carbs and protein into energy.
Calcium needs phosphorous to make your teeth and bones strong.
The calcium-phosphorous complex is adsorped from serum by the cartilage of long bones.
Phosphate salts are buffers, which keep balanced PH in your blood.
(Buffers are brine solutions with a pH level that remains stable after the addition of acids or bases to detect acidity or alkalinity).
It has an important role in the urinary tract, as it prevents calcium stones and treats some urinary tract infections.
Determination of phosphate levels in the blood is useful for the diagnosis and management of renal diseases, bone disorders, and parathyroid function.
If you have low levels of phosphorous in your blood, then you suffer from hypophosphatemia.
If high, it is hyperphosphatemia.

Symptoms of hypophosphatemia:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Bone pain
  • You may not feel like eating
  • Numbness or tingling in your arms and legs.


But why hypophosphatemia is developed?!

It may result from:

  1. Loss of phosphate in GIT due to (vomiting, diarrhea, and malabsorption
  2. The intracellular shift of phosphate due to(post-insulin administration, hyper elimination, after glucose administration).
  3. Fanconi syndrome(defect in the proximal tubule of the kidney that affects the absorption of electrolytes).

If the serum phosphate level is 1.5- 2.4 mg/dl, it may be considered a moderate decrease without any clinical signs or symptoms.
But, if the phosphate level is lower than 1.5 mg/dl, it may cause muscle weakness, bone deformity, impaired bone growth, red cell hemolysis, or coma.
Finally, if serum phosphate is lower than 1 mg/dl, it is a critical condition and may be life-threatening hypophosphatemia.
Increased phosphate in your blood due to

  • The extracellular shift of phosphate: loss of phosphate from intracellular stores like in cases of diabetic ketoacidosis and lactic acidosis.
  • Cell lysis: like in leukemia and lymphoma or due to cytotoxic therapy.
  • Increased phosphate intake like in cases of phosphate-containing laxatives or enemas.
  • Decreased renal phosphate excretion due to renal failure or acute kidney disease.

You should know that severe hypo/hyperphosphatemia is a critical condition and need to be treated, so if you think you have any of them, talk to your healthcare provider to know the correct phosphorous balance for you.
You can communicate with Welltopia to get your online consultation at any time.
As we mentioned before, phosphorous interferes in a lot of industries like this means that phosphorous supplement is important for skin and hair growth?!

Phosphorous for skin:(is phosphorous good for the face)?

The skin has a type of free radicals that forms when the iron ions get contact with hydrogen peroxide (Fenton reaction).
These free radicals are the main cause of most skin problems like wrinkles and pigmentations.
Phosphate salts act as indirect anti-oxidant which protect from these free radicals…
Phosphatidylcholine with its high content of essential fatty acids is important for the prevention and treatment of acne.

Is it safe for the skin?

White phosphorus only, which is made artificially may cause deep, slow-healing burns.
But, phosphorous in the human body and phosphate salts in cosmetics, and phosphorous in supplements are safe.

Phosphorus for hair growth:

Hair fall may occur due to a change of water or climate or due to dandruff, here phosphorous supplement is an effective treatment to prevent hair fall and promote hair growth.
When scientists measured the mineral content in the hair of 12 young women, they
found each 100 gm of hair contain about (127±74(mg calcium, (13.6±2) mg phosphorus, (1.8±0.5)mg iron, and (15.7±0.5)mg nitrogen.
There was a study to determine the mineral content of two pieces of rhesus monkeys(the most commonly used primate model for human nutrition and disease)showed that females have higher hair phosphorus content than males. which means that the content of phosphorus affects hair growth.
Phosphorous is excellent to promote hair growth and re-grow previously fallen hair, especially if hair loss is due to water or climate conditions.

Phosphorus for hair growth

Does phosphorus increase testosterone?

Unfortunately, No…
There is no scientific base reported that phosphorus can increase the level of testosterone, but if you want a supplement that can do this, you can talk to welltopia consultation team.

What are the side effects of phosphorus?

Phosphorus as a mineral has no serious side effects if described in adjusted doses. But any supplement may induce allergy, vomiting, upset stomach, dizziness, and diarrhea.
if you have any side effects talk to your healthcare provider.

How can you get phosphorus supplements?

You can get phosphorus from a diet like meat and egg and dairy products.
Phosphorus is involved in a formula that has a wonderful effect that promotes the bone and a lot of body function, called (Cal-Mag select)®
Due to its content of calcium and magnesium, it has an important role for:

  1. Heart health
  2. Muscle function
  3. Nerve transmission
  4. Intracellular signaling
  5. Hormonal secretion
  6. Structure and function of bone and teeth.
  7. Protein synthesis
  8. Blood pressure regulation
  9. Synthesis of DNA and
  10. Muscle contraction and normal heart rhythm

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