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Are you tired of having to go through bottles and bags in your medicine cabinet to take your daily prescriptions? When you pick up your prescriptions from your pharmacy, do you often feel that you are just another medication label, patient file, or insurance number? Do you feel that your pharmacist, truly, knows your medication history, knows your health and wellness goals, and assists you in the process of achieving them? Do you have a hard time keeping track of your daily supplements and medications? Have you had to take bulky bottles of medication and vitamins with you, when you were away from home?

If you have answered: “yes” to any or all of those questions, then you are in the right place to change that. At Welltopia Pharmacy, we recognize that your medication and supplement routine is an integral part of your well-being. To us, you are not a number on a medication file, you are not a customer we identify by last name in our system, and you are not a label we print out and stick on your medication bottles. In fact, you are the very premise that our Pharmacy model is built on. Caring for your personal wellness journey is why we decided to start Welltopia Pharmacy, in the first place. And with that foundation, we built Welltopia All-in-One.




What is Welltopia All-in-One?

Welltopia All-in-One is a comprehensive service that tends to every detail of your medication and supplement routine. It includes the following:

  • A free consultation with your pharmacist at Welltopia Pharmacy to discuss your medication history and future wellness milestones.
  • Custom-designed smart packaging for your medication and supplements. It is in the form of a calendar book that has your own color-coded tablets of your prescriptions and medications daily dosage. The calendar book is available in  28-day detachable packs.
  • Each block in your prescription book is detachable and has your name and date on the back, making it ideal to slip into your purse/pocket/carry-on on a dinner out with friends, a night out of town, or when you have travel plans. Sounds better than totting several labeled bottles, or tight containers of unrecognizable tablets, doesn’t it?
  • Your pharmacist is always available to answer your questions in regards to your prescriptions and supplements. In addition to that, you receive a monthly 15-minute consultation to go over your medication and health routine.
  • You will receive email reminders of your prescriptions due for shipping. You will never have to worry about reordering, or picking up. If you desire to make any changes, our pharmacist is here to assist you.
  • Best of all? Welltopia All-in-One comprehensive service is free of charge! You and/or your insurance are responsible for the medication cost. However, the rest, including your designed medication packaging, is entirely on Welltopia Pharmacy.





This entire concept of Welltopia All-in-One was thought-out with You in mind. And, we are here to assist you and help you adhere to your medication and wellness regimen in an effective way. Several of our Welltopia Pharmacy family of customers have expressed positive changes towards their adherence to their medications and supplements after switching to Welltopia All-in-One. We would love for you join us and try for yourself. If you have any questions about this revolutionary concept in the wellness world, please contact us at any time. We would love to hear from you!





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