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How It Works

1- Register Online :

Click Here or simply call or text us on  262-429-9429 and we will guide you through the process

2- Be prepared to provide us :

Your medication list and your insurance information. And just like that, we’ll start preparing your order!

3- Adding Supplements  :

If you need help with supplements recommendations for your All In One Welltopia, ask for a free consultation!

4- Your first delivery :

We will deliver your first monthly All In One Welltopia filled with your scheduled medications and supplements.

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How much it costs

  • The service is free! Delivery is free. You are only responsible for your medication copays or out-of-pocket costs and supplement costs. Leave the rest to us!
  • We offer free delivery and shipping.
  • We accept most insurance plans in Wisconsin: Medicare, Medicaid & Commercial plans. We will check your insurance before transferring your medications.
  • For out of pocket meds and supplements, we match and beat prices!

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All In One Welltopia …. The Smartest Way

  • Plan Ahead and get all your monthly medications at once!
  • Personalized date and time stamped on each packet.
  • Portable packets to take whenever and wherever you go!
  • Ensure taking the right medication at the right time!
  • Constant prescription renewals!
  • Never miss a dose again!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Why is this service called All In One Welltopia?

All In One Welltopia brings all the services you may need from your pharmacy directly to your door! From receiving all your medications, OTCs and supplements in daily easy to open packets every month, Even inhalers, insulin pens and other pharmacy supplies, we created smart reminders and we dispense and deliver those meds to you as well. You will get the pharmacist advice and recommendations  for drug interaction you do not need to worry about anymore with this service. And this service help us guide and coach you towards better health outcomes.

When would I receive my first All In One delivery or shipment?

We plan your delivery, shipment, or pickup around your schedule. However, we require a minimum of a one week notice; Thereafter, a Health Coach will reach out to you a week before your thirty day supply ends to confirm the upcoming All In One Welltopia.

What if I urgently need some medications?

No problem! If you urgently need any medications, let us know and we will send them before your first shipment.

What if I need other items like inhalers, creams, eye drops, or testing supplies?

We can include thirty or ninety day supplies of any other needed products in their regular dispensed packaging with your All In One Welltopia!

What if I need refrigerated meds?

We can also send any refrigerated medications or supplements in separated temperature adjusted packaging along with your All In One Welltopia.

Can I receive a longer than 30 day supply of my medications?

Yes you can. We understand that your prescriptions and supplements needs may change from time to time, Therefore, we communicate with you and your healthcare team to fulfill your specific needs.

Can my compounded medications be included in my All In One Welltopia?

Yes, we can include compounded capsules in the All In One Welltopia,, Or we can dispense the compounded meds in separate vials with smart reminders in the All In One Welltopia. The service is meant to personalize your medicine. call us for more information.

How does the new medication checking process by the pharmacist differ in the All In One service?

The multi check process would also include a check for drug/supplement interactions! A pharmacist will notify you of any recommendations, And will contact your prescriber for any needed interventions. We work with you and your doctor for improving your treatment plan. Our priority is your safety, and this is an important contributor to your health that can often go unnoticed.

How important is it to find out what supplements are missing from my daily regimen? How can the All In One service help with this?

Wellness requires many commitments, one of which is taking the right supplements to support your diet, medications, and healthy habits. With the All In One Welltopia, you aren’t just managing a health issue, you have expert support and advice in your transition to wellness, and we help you with your commitment for a plan as you receive a monthly plan and monthly recommendations.

What if I would like to make a change to the medications included in my package at any point in this process?

You can certainly reach out to us, and one of our team members will arrange for your All In One Welltopia to be adjusted accordingly and returned back to you.

How can I get my questions answered?

You can now call, text, email, or reach out to us on Social Media. A pharmacist is always available to address any questions or concerns.

How will this impact my daily life?

  • You will always know that you are taking the correct medication at the correct time.
  • You no more need to worry about planning for when to get your medications & supplements.
  • You won’t ever have to sort through multiple pill bottles every day.
  • You can finally start a well planned out supplement regimen verified by a pharmacist, compatible with your medications and that you can remain consistent on!
  • You have continuous access to answers to all your questions about your medications & supplements.
  • Traveling and taking your medication on-the-go will be effortless.
  • You will get timely renewals for your prescriptions.
  • It will be difficult for you to miss a dose of your medications.

These are some of the many benefits of joining the Welltopia All In One Welltopia, reach out to us to hear more!

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