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Vegans who are just starting out can be overwhelmed with trying to maintain a healthy body – including a healthy gut – solely from a plant-based diet. However, with proper guidance and nutrition, it is possible to stay just as healthy as those who are not following plant-based diets. Alternatively, merely being a vegan does not mean you will automatically have a healthy body. Here are some vegan-friendly foods rich in vitamins and supplements:

Nut Milk

Dairy isn’t the only form of milk that is packed with supplements. Nut-based dairy, such as almond milk, have supplements in them, and new formulations are in the works to help pack them with even more supplements.

Soy Milk

Let’s not leave soy-based milk behind either. As a vegan, you should not ignore soy as it’s an important source of protein.

Sour Pickles

These guys are a great snack, and they are packed with supplements. If you have not already tried this, then we recommend making some yourself to help ensure you know exactly what is going into your body.

Sourdough Bread

Speaking of sour, sourdough bread is a great way to get your carbs up for energy and a great way to get some supplements. For those who fear bread, fret not, sourdough is okay! Have you tried whole-wheat ciabatta?


We saved the best for last. It’s great for sandwiches and even better as a side dish. If you are unable to make your own, then we suggest looking for unpasteurized alternatives when shopping.

Pasteurization kills off some of the good bacteria.

Honorable Mentions:

• Non-dairy yogurt
• Kombucha tea
• Kimchi
• Miso
• Olives

As you can see, whether your diet is very choice friendly or somewhat restricted, it is still easy to get the supplements you need to keep a healthy gut.

Buy it Cheap

Produce that is out of season is a lot more expensive and often doesn’t taste as good as the cheap, in-season fruits and vegetables. Watch your grocery store ads and make a list that incorporates produce that is on sale. If produce is on sale it doesn’t mean they are trying to get rid of it because it is terrible, they are trying to get rid of it because it is in season and they have a lot of it. Every summer, tomatoes go on sale because tomato plants all over are producing juicy, red fruit. Try buying one in the winter, and you will get a pale ghost of a tomato.

Prices generally go down two to three dollars per pound when in season. Embrace seasonal produce by trying new recipes, canning, or freezing fruits and vegetables.

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