Our Program

The year 2020 has been hard on all of us, but if there’s one thing that we came out with; it is that our bodies are our true investments!

Our bodies help us fight viruses and pandemics! And that’s why Omar the pharmacist has crafted this program with all his dedication to help our community not just to get fit and lose weight but also to take good care of our bodies and our wellbeing!
In less than 4 months Omar the pharmacist will help and guide you to achieve your weight loss goal… you’ll be able to take good care of your bodies, with less effort … all we need is dedication to the program and we will guide through the tough tweaks we need to make to get this done!

You won’t starve or suffer. We will make it work. Together!

Welltopia Detox Kit

Phase one of Detox and lose Weight with Omar the Pharmacist program

Now you can easily detoxify your body with a Welltopia detox kit in a 7-day program that includes the nutrients and metabolic tools needed to revitalize your body through the program.
Welltopia Detox Kit provides 3 active formulas – Core Support, Alpha Base and PhytoCore – which function synergistically to support Phase I and II pathways of liver biotransformation. These targeted nutrients enhance the detoxification of environmental pollutants, hormone disruptors and other harmful toxins.


Welltopia Detox Kit

• Unique vegetable antioxidant blend to support phase 2 liver detoxication
• 5g of fiber for satiety and the binding of toxins for elimination
• Hypoallergenic rice protein for sustained nutritional energy
• Phytonutrients and botanicals to support phase 1 & 2 liver detoxication*
• A comprehensive multivitamin formula providing key nutrients needed for both basic metabolic function and enhanced detoxication*
Welltopia detox Kit Patient Guide
• Step-by-step instruction on reducing toxic burden through diet and lifestyle changes
• Delicious and nutritious recipes as well as a convenient shopping guide to keep you on track
Don’t hesitate, join our Detox and lose weight program and get FREE live coaching sessions from Omar the Pharmacist that will enable you to understand more about your body and how to stay healthy!

The cost for the first month including the Detox kit and coaching program is $112

Detox kit