Little Known Benefits of Compounding for Autism Spectrum Disorder Patients

September 12, 2019
pharmacy compounding

Parents of children with Autism have a lot to take in. Since Patients with Autism spectrum disorder have troubles with taste, smell and texture, medication delivery can be one of the stumbling blocks. The challenge is that not all medications are designed to fit the patient’s acceptability, making it difficult to follow through scheduled drugs. That’s why pharmacy compound can help patients with an autism spectrum disorder in various ways.

Difficulties Associated with Delivering Medication

There are many hurdles to overcome when it comes to delivering medication to patients with autism. If you know someone with children suffering from autism, they’ve probably been through any of the following: sensory difficulties – means problems with taste, smell and texture – food and chemical allergies, less food variety, and special diets.
And here comes the role of compounding pharmacists to adjust the medication just about autism patients.

How Compounders Help Autism Patients

Since compounders have the ability to customize the medication based on the needs of the patient, they can help with improving the taste of a suspension, avoid allergies, and work on the texture of a suspension to be more acceptable to the patient.

What compounders usually consider while preparing medications

  • If the patient has any allergies
  • Using dye-free flavors.
  • Using popsicles or suspension dosage forms in some cases.
  • Focus on the texture of the medication.
  • Being creative to meet the patient’s acceptability

Pharmacy compounding doesn’t just help patients with autism, but it also helps all patients that need to customize their medication to suit their needs and make it easier to take medications on time.
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