Brain ResQ

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Brain ResQ is the most potent, synergistic blend of ingredients to support and rescue mitochondrial function.*

Product information

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Brain ResQ formula is the most potent, synergistic blend of proven ingredients to support and rescue mitochondrial function.

  • Pyrroloquinoline Quinone ‘PQQ’ (15mg): PQQ is an essential nutrient that your body can not synthesize. Growing research indicates PQQ’s unique ability to rescue and regrow mitochondria; this is known as mitochondrial biogenesis.
  • CoQ10 Ubiquinone (100mg per serving): CoQ10 is a key cofactor to efficient mitochondrial function and biogenesis. Research in degeneration of the brain and heart has shown to lack adequate levels of CoQ10.
  • MenaQ7 (100mcg per serving): Menaquinone vitamin K2 is a critical cofactor in mitochondrial function. Additionally, calcium buildup in the arteries of the brain and heart is associated with low intake of K2. 80% of the population is believed to be K2 deficient.
  • Quercetin (100mg per serving): Quercetin is a natural polyphenol that has been shown to be another critical cofactor in mitochondrial biogenesis. Quercetin also enhances trans-resveratrol’s bioavailability.
  • Trans-Resveratrol (250mg per serving): Trans-resveratrol is a powerful inducer of mitochondrial energy production efficiency. Researchers are finding it to be useful in addressing and improving brain function and brain aging.

Why you’ll love it:

  • Physician formulated
  • Supports anti-aging of the brain and heart
  • Supports cardiovascular health
  • fights free radicals in the body with strong antioxidants
  • Helps reduce inflammation
  • Supports healthy blood sugar
  • Powerful and proven ingredients backed by peer-reviewed research!

Clinical applications

Brain ResQ takes mitochondrial resuscitation to a new level with a 5 1 formulation that contains proven ingredients to ResQ your mitochondria. Brain ResQ will have your patients saying “Wow” I have never had a product make me feel this good! Perfect for your patients suffering from Low energy, brain fog, chronic fatigue, hard-charging executives, entrepreneurs, poor memory, focus, and concentration, and athletes looking to gain back their edge.*


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