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Receptor detox gently, effectively, and safely “detox” and clear hormone receptors, ensuring healthy hormone signaling.

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Receptor Detox contains carefully selected nutrients shown to gently, effectively, and safely optimize hormone receptor function, ensuring healthy hormone signaling. Receptor dysfunction can be multifactorial; often a result of such things as systemic inflammatory responses, reactive oxygen species, endocrine disrupting compounds (EDCs), polymorphisms in receptor genes, signaling pathway anomalies, and altered gene expression.1,2,3 Long-term exposure to any or all of these contributing factors is widely thought to play an important role in many chronic conditions by modulating both hormone actions and hormone receptor activity.4,5,6 This product is
recommended daily for optimal receptor functioning for both females and males and highly recommended for mature people on hormone replacement.
Receptor Detox formulator, Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson, has worked as a hormone scholar at a Tulane University estrogen think-tank (Center for Bioenvironmental Research) with scientists who discovered the first two estrogen receptors, estrogen receptor alpha (ERα) and estrogen receptor beta (ERß).
Dr. Berkson developed Receptor Detox to provide the most critical nutrients designed to help improve receptor functionality, restoring the tightly controlled regulation of endocrine activity disrupted by the modern environment. Her focus on receptor function and not just hormone levels is partly a result of many lectures delivered over years of E.Hormone conferences, which highlighted the role of receptor functionality in keeping
hormone signals intact, and the role of receptor function in disease prevention.
Suggested use
Two (2) capsules, two (2) times per day with food as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

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