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Meditation Moment


18 bags

Meditation Moment helps you find your Higher Self in the Silence Between Your Thought.



Meditation Moment

It can be difficult for our minds to avoid wandering from thoughts about the past to anxiety about the future in our exciting modern world.


Organic Chamomile Flower, Organic Holy Basil, Organic Lavender Flower, Organic Lemongrass, Organic Ashwagandha Root, Organic Spearmint Leaf, Organic Rose Petals.

Suggested use
  • Fresh water is essential for brewing a great cup of tea. We recommend using ltered or spring water and a glass, ceramic, or stainless steel pot.
  • Use one tea bag per cup of boiling water. Cover and steep for 3-6 minutes.


Consult with a healthcare provider before use if you are currently pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or if you have a medical condition.

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Meditation Moment supplement facts

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Meditation Moment Product-Welltopia Pharmacy

Meditation Moment