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Restor-T supports improving testosterone and cortisol levels.



ResTor-T is a scientifically formulated supplement made from a blend of natural, high-potency ingredients specifically designed to support hormonal health and body composition.
It is primarily composed of the Southeast Asian botanical, Tongkat Ali, which has been proven in clinical treatment to effectively promote male sexual health and vitality.
In addition, it has also been scientifically proven to balance the testosterone-to-cortisol ratio; one of the most vital ratios necessary for hormonal balance in both males and females.
The other formulation in the supplement is Tribulus Terrestris, used in the ancient herb in Ayurvedic medicine for male potency and general vitality.
It complements the functioning of Tongkat Ali by targeting the pathways that facilitate hormone production and boost libido. The other compounds are phosphatidylserine and zinc which support neurological and physiological processes necessary for healthy testosterone. Phosphatidylserine is essential for stress reduction and cognitive health and zinc is vital in nutrient metabolism and immune health.
ResTor-T offers a solution to those interested in improving their reproductive health in addition to their hormonal balance safely and naturally.
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