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Liposomal ADK

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1 fl oz

Liposomal ADK helps build healthier, stronger, more resilient bones throughout life.*

• Excellent Nutrition for Strong and Durable Bones*
• Optimizes Calcium Metabolism*
• Contains the Bone-Building Form of Vitamin K2 (Menaquinone or MK-7)*
• Maximizes Absorption and Bioavailability*
• Promotes Heart Health, Immune Function, and Mucosal Integrity*

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Vitamin A supports growth and repair of bones.* Vitamin D regulates absorption of calcium in the gut.* Vitamin K2 activates a critical protein, osteocalcin, which incorporates calcium into bones.* With these vitamins on your side, you’ll have strong, dense, durable bones that will last a lifetime.*

Most Americans don’t get enough vitamins A, D, and K, says a large national survey (NHANES 2007-2010). If you aren’t eating fatty fish, eggs, and leafy greens every day, then you probably aren’t getting enough of these essential vitamins. Without enough ADK, bones may become brittle and weak.* Calcium may settle in arteries, where it doesn’t belong, and the immune system may weaken.*

Optimize Cardiovascular and Overall Health with Liposomal ADK*
Vitamin D supports cardiovascular function and healthy blood pressure, and with enough vitamin K2, calcium is deposited into bones where it is needed, instead of in arteries.* That means arteries stay soft and flexible, like they should be.*

What’s more, Liposomal ADK supports mucosal health, a strong immune system, and regulates cell growth.*

A Leap Forward in Rapid and Effective Nutrient Delivery*

Based on nature’s award-winning design of the cell membrane, nutrients are carried within a lipid bilayer- a “liposome.” Liposomal ADK can act more quickly than other forms and it’s perfect for those with compromised gut function or fat malabsorption.*

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Liposomal ADK

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Liposomal ADK

Liposomal ADK

$69.99 or subscribe and save up to 10%

Subscribe and Save up to 10%