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MyoMax helps you find your new performance maximum by improving VO2 Max and boosting cardiovascular performance.*




MyoMax helps you find your new performance maximum by improving your VO2 Max and boosting cardiovascular performance.* Feed your muscles and support recovery with more oxygenated blood.*

MyoMax is a high-dose, 100% soy-free vitamin K2 (MK-7) supplement formulated to support healthy mitochondrial function. This formula includes 300 mcg of vitamin K2 with calcium pyruvate to support ATP production.

Why MyoMax?

  • 40-50% increase in ATP production within mitochondria
  • 12% increase in cardiac output
  • Improves aerobic capacity from the cellular level
  • Extends the duration of peak fitness by 20-30%
  • Increases efficiency in training and sports performance

The results are impressive and the research professor has described the effect of 8 weeks of supplementation with MyoMax® as being equivalent to 6 months of high-intensity interval training. Another component that determines an athlete’s ability to perform is mitochondrial function and ATP production. MyoMax® has been shown to support mitochondrial function and ATP production.

Cardiac output

One of the main reasons that aerobic athletic performance declines with age is that the body becomes less effective at utilizing oxygen. The maximal ability to utilize oxygen can be measured by VO2max, an assessment of how much oxygen your body can use per kilogram of body weight. As a result, a high VO2 max will indicate that a person can effectively utilize oxygen, which is often seen in well-trained endurance athletes.

Unfortunately, after the age of 30, VO2 max will begin to decline. For non-athletes, VO2 max tends to decline by about 10% every decade. However, athletes who continue their rigorous training can reduce the decline to only 5% every decade. The main reason that VO2 max declines with age is that the maximal heart rate (max HR) decreases as well.

Cardiac output is defined as the volume of blood pumped, per minute, by each ventricle of the heart. Of all the measures of cardiovascular performance, cardiac output likely has the biggest impact. It is a direct measure of the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to starving muscles. An increase in cardiac output without an increase in heart rate is favored as this demonstrates the increased capacity of the ventricles and the vascular system and not just the frequency of the heartbeat.

Because cardiac output is the product of stroke volume and maximal heart rate, a decrease in max HR will directly decrease cardiac output, and in turn, oxygen delivery to the muscles. This translates to a lower VO2 max and decreased athletic endurance with age. Fortunately, vitamin K2 appears to improve cardiac output by maintaining healthy mitochondrial function.

In the aforementioned University study, the group receiving MyoMax® saw more than a 13% increase in cardiac output and a steady increase at all exercise stages. With over a 13% increase in cardiac output in just 8 weeks of supplementation using MyoMax®, an athlete can experience a significant change in performance at every heart rate zone, including maximum capacity. With over 900 more liters of oxygenated blood pumping through the body in a single 24-hour period, athletes can experience a significant improvement in recovery.

Heart and Bone Health

As the “powerhouse” organ, we heavily depend on our hearts for optimal muscle and body tissue function.

Vitamin K2-7 is the driver that takes free calcium from the blood, deposits from the arteries, and joint spaces sending it to the bones – thus supporting cardiovascular health and bone health. In recent studies, the supplementation of Vitamin K2-7 improved cardiac output by 22% at resting heart rate and 13% at maximum heart rate. This is the definition of performance enhancement. Clinical trials have demonstrated that 6 weeks of Vitamin K2-7 supplementation can support strength, endurance, cardiovascular, and bone health.

Muscle Function and ATP Production

In vitro studies using advanced mitochondrial tissue culture systems have shown that MyoMax® can support ATP production in each cell. The increase in ATP production yields higher energy output efficiency, as more energy can be produced per molecule of glucose or fatty acid. In addition to increased ATP production, MyoMax® has been shown, in both in vitro and in vivo studies, to decrease muscle cramping and improve muscle contraction during exercise.
Published Studies – Microbiome Labs Guideline (

Suggested use

Take 1 capsule daily with a meal, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Supplement Fact

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