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Curcumin Pure


60 capsules

Curcumin Pure offers standalone curcumin products featuring CurcuWIN™ brand turmeric extract.

  • Clinically researched CurcuWIN™
  • Increased absorption, and high bioavailability.
  • Promote and maintain healthy inflammation levels.


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Curcumin Pure CurcuWIN™ combines curcumin with UltraSOL™ molecular dispersion technology.

UltraSOL™ converts lipophilic (fat-loving or fat-absorbing) nutrients into water-dispersible ingredients.

Published research shows CurcuWIN™ providing absorption at a rate of 46 times standard curcumin and over 6 to 30 times greater than other curcumin products.

Features Constituents/Actions Benefits
CurcuWIN™ turmeric extract
  • Pure curcumin with UltraSOL™ molecular dispersion technology
  • 46 times more absorbable than traditional turmeric extract
  • Contains a minimum of 20% curcuminoids
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Curcumin Pure

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Curcumin Pure

Curcumin Pure