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Amino Complex

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8 oz

Amino Complex is high in essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids.

  • Support muscle repair and recovery.
  • Reduce muscle soreness.
  • Increase energy production.
  • Promote healthy blood sugar.
  • Support cardiovascular health.
  • Strengthen connective tissue.



Amino Complex formula enhances cellular energy production, optimizes your workout results, and builds the lean muscle mass that boosts strength.

NSF Certified for Sport. Clinically validated EAA and BCAA formula that supports your muscles and your love for training and weightlifting.

  1. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein. They fuel muscle gain and other physiological functions, including enzyme production, hormone regulation, cognitive ability, neurotransmitter balance, metabolism, and energy production.
  2. Of the 20 amino acids in total, nine are classified as essential amino acids (EAAs), those the body cannot produce itself. Therefore they must be consumed through diet and supplementation to support the body’s internal production of energy.
  3. Thorne’s Amino Complex is a comprehensive blend of essential amino acids, which is high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) – a group of amino acids validated through clinical trials to promote the growth of lean muscle mass and enhance muscle strength.
  4. Amino Complex’s formula supports sports, fitness, and training-related activities.
  5. Promotes the growth of muscle mass in individuals who need to preserve muscle mass, including the elderly.
  6. Amino Complex comes in two flavors; lemon and berry and is lightly sweetened.
  7. It mixes easily with warm or cold liquids and contains flavors and sweeteners derived from natural sources.
  8. It is best taken after a workout to facilitate the recovery process.

Because athletes need to know their supplements are trustworthy and compliant, every batch of an NSF Certified for Sport® product is tested for compliance with label claims and to ensure the absence of more than 200 substances banned by many major athletic organizations.


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Amino Complex Berry Powder NSF 8 oz

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Amino Complex

Amino Complex

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