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Nailin’ My Coughin’


Elderberry cough syrup

Nailin’ my Coughin’ is a super effective oxymel made to soothe and support your respiratory system.
It is made with 100% organic and locally wildcrafted ingredients, infused into organic apple cider vinegar and local raw honey.




Mullein Leaf- a powerful ally for the lungs, this nutritious herb goes deep to move congestion

Elderberry- supporting the immune system so you can beat this coughy stuff once and for all.

Marshmallow- this softening demulcent helps soothe inflamed pathways and loosen up stuck junk in the lungs

Elecampane- this aromatic root penetrates deep into the body and is an exceptional respiratory anti microbial herb.

Horehound- completing the mint family trio, horehound has been traditionally used as a warming expectorant, increasing the productivity of the cough and making it more effective.

Cinnamon- this warming spice had an affinity for the chest, but also has a smooth demulcent quality.

All this infused for 6 weeks in non pasteurized organic apple cider vinegar and 100% raw local honey.


Consult with your pharmacist or healthcare provider.


3 oz (88 ml)


Nailin My cough is an elderberry apple cider vinegar cough syrup. It just works! A teaspoon every four hours as needed for productive and dry cough. We love it and suitable for adults and children.

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Nailin’ My Coughin’