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Digestive Greens | Pet


• Added pumpkin and butternut squash powders, which are rich in fiber and antioxidants
• Added a 7-strain custom pet probiotic blend, delivering 7 billion cultures per serving, to help your pet’s digestion
• Maintained a rich dose of organic greens to provide fiber and nutrition.
• Now flavored with beef liver powder for a great taste that pets will love!

Dairy Free product Gluten Free product Soy Free Product VEGANGMO Free Product

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Digestive Greens is formulated to provide high fiber greens and grasses to support digestion and provide antioxidants, plus the power of probiotics. Formulated by Vibrant Health for Vibrant Companions, our line of premium pet products.

Dogs and cats naturally graze on grass or houseplants (many of which are poisonous). This instinct, in the wild, would be a means to get chlorophyll into their diet, which is beneficial for their health. However, many pets don’t get access to fresh grass and with the common use of pesticides, it’s not ideal. The grass they encounter also lacks in health benefits and can cause gagging. Digestive Greens is a healthy and easy way to curb this craving, while supporting digestion and fresh breath.

Directions: Mix Digestive Greens + Probiotics into your pet’s food at meal time.
Small Dogs/Cats 10 – 29lbs ¼ scoop daily
Medium Dogs 30 – 59lbs ½ scoop daily
Large Dogs 60+lbs 1 scoop daily
Serving range 30-120 days.
Supplement Fact

Active Ingredients per scoop (7 g)

Parsley leaf and stem powder certified organic 700 mg

Spinach leaf powder certified organic 400 mg

Barley grass leaf powder certified organic 700 mg

Barley grass juice powder certified organic 200 mg

Oat grass leaf powder certified organic 700 mg

Oat grass juice powder certified organic 200 mg

Wheat grass leaf powder certified organic 700 mg

Wheat grass juice powder certified organic 200 mg

Pumpkin powder certified organic 400 mg

Butternut squash powder 400 mg

Pet Probiotic Blend:(7 Bill. CFU at date of manufacture from 7 strains) – L. helveticus 1 billion, L. casei 1 billion, L. plantarum 1 billion, B. longum 1 billion, B. animalis spp. Lactis 1 billion, B. bifidum 1 billion, S. cerevisiae boulardii 1 billion 123 mg

Inactive ingredients: de-fatted beef liver powder 2.275 g

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Digestive Greens - Pet

Digestive Greens | Pet


Out of stock