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B-12 / Methyl Folate


B-12 / Methyl Folate work together to help maintain the health of the gastrointestinal tract, nervous system and the metabolism of protein and fats.

  • Supports gastrointestinal tract health.
  • Promotes a healthy nervous system.
  • Helps maintain homocysteine levels in the normal range.



B-12 / Methyl Folate maintain homocysteine levels that are already in the normal range.

Adequate folate in healthful diets may reduce a woman’s risk of having a child with a brain or spinal cord birth defect.

  • Contains the methylated forms of B12 (methylcobalamin) and folate (Metafolin L-5-MTHF), considered to be the most bioavailable and physiologically active forms.
  • Vitamin B12 & Folate work together to support the health of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Folate as L-5-MTHF may reduce the risk of neural tube birth defects.

Vital Nutrients mission is to manufacture superior quality nutraceuticals that exceed both industry and government standards and provide clinically effective results. They provide over 200 science-based and clinically effective products. Vital Nutrients uses independent U.S. ethical laboratories to test all raw materials and finished products. Each raw material is tested, regardless of origin, for purity and potency. All finished products are tested through a real-time stability protocol for expiration date validation. They are an FDA Inspected facility that exceeds FDA cGMPs, and a member of the NPA.

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B-12 / Methyl Folate

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B-12 / Methyl Folate