Men’s Pure Pack

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30 packs

Men’s Pure Pack provides vitamins and minerals in highly bioavailable forms.

  • Combined with magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids and CoQ10.
  • Activated B vitamins, including Metafolin® (L-5-MTHF).
  • 37.5 mcg (1,500 IU) vitamin D3.
  • Yeast-derived selenium to support prostate health.
  • Supports energy and stamina.
  • Supports cardiovascular, macular and prostate health.


Subscribe and Save up to 10%

Men’s Pure Pack Maintains healthy cardiovascular function with omega-3 fatty acids, CoQ10, and polyphenols from pomegranate, red wine concentrate, and grape seed extract.

Supports prostate function with saw palmetto and pygeum and maintains healthy prostate cells with lycopene and green tea.

  1. Provides essential nutrients for men all in one packet.
  2. Combines astragalus and maca with nutrient cofactors to promote energy, endurance and stamina.
  3. Supports the integrity of the macula and retina with lutein, zeaxanthin and nutrient cofactors.
  4. Packet including multivitamin and mineral complex for men.
  5. Also contains magnesium and vitamin D capsules.
  6. Convenient daily packet for easy dispensing.


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