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RESVERASIRT-HP promotes cardiovascular health without causing the GI distress often associated with lesser grades of this material.

ResveraSirt-HP supplies 250 mg of purified Trans Resveratrol with quercetin for its ability to slow the metabolism of resveratrol. Also included in this formula is IP6 (phytic acid or phytic), a 6-phosphate ester of inositol derived from rice. Effective at a wide pH range, IP6 is a strong metal chelator and thus aids in stabilizing the formula. By using the purified form of Resveratrol, ResveraSirt-HP® does not cause the GI distress often associated with lesser grades of this material.

Sirtuins are a class of enzymes known to affect cellular metabolism via selective gene expression, including cell survival, fat metabolism, and insulin resistance. Sirtuins are classified according to their sequence of amino acids. Mammals have seven sirtuin proteins, designated SIRT-1 through SIRT-7.
In animals, sirtuins play a key role in:
• Gene silencing
• DNA repair
• DNA recombination
• Aging – associated with increased rates of stress-induced apoptosis
• Cell survival
• Energy metabolism
• Response to stressors

Sirtuin activity is normally inhibited by nicotinamide, a component of vitamin B3, by binding to a specific receptor site. Trans Resveratrol has been shown to inhibit this interaction thereby increasing sirtuin activity.
Resveratrol has been shown to stimulate SIRT-1 and SIRT-3 activity 8-fold, increasing the ability of SIRT
enzymes to react with both NAD+ and the peptide substrate (protein deacetylase).
(Howitz KT. et al. 2003 Nature 425, 191-196; Borra MT, et
al. 2005 280(17):17187-17195.)
Research on resveratrol has documented improved health and survival of animals on high-calorie diets. Resveratrol provides antioxidant activity and is cardioprotective and vascular protection, to inhibit angiogenesis, and to downregulate proinflammatory mediators.
Resveratrol has also been shown to mimic caloric restriction (CR) in studies. CR has been shown to increase mitochondrial function in humans and animals. CR also improves insulin sensitivity and carbohydrate metabolism.
Although resveratrol metabolizes rapidly, its metabolism is inhibited, and its oral bioavailability increases at higher intakes. In addition, the metabolism of resveratrol is reduced by quercetin, which inhibits sulfation in the intestine and liver.

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