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Kids Xlear Nasal Spray


Kids Xlear Nasal Spray with Xylitol from Xlear, Inc., features xylitol. It soothes and moisturizes the nasal and sinus passages. Great for all ages, including infants. Drug free.

  • Kid’s Xlear Nasal Spray with xylitol
  • Safe for infants
  • Soothes and moisturizes



Remove mucus build-up by gently blowing the nose or using a bulb syringe before using Xlear. Children four and up: Insert nozzle into nostril and squeeze bottle to spray solution. Spray two to four times in each nostril. Remove nozzle before allowing bottle to re-inflate. Infants and toddlers three and under: Lie child on his or her back. Tilt bottle upside down, allowing the solution to drop into the nostrils. Place two to four drops in each nostril.


The use of this container by more that one person may spread infection. Keep out of the reach of children. Clean nozzle after each use and replace the cap.


0.75 fl oz (22 ml)


Purified Water, Xylitol, Saline, Grapefruit Seed Extract (as a preservative).

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Kids Xlear Nasal Spray