Sleep And DHA!

October 17, 2021

What is more important than sleep? Probably nothing.

We all know this.

But what you maybe didn’t know is that omega-3 (specifically the DHA kind) is critical for healthy sleep. The way it facilitates is really quite remarkable, so listen up if this is you:

I struggle to maintain a regular sleep schedule

My sleep sucks

I can never get to sleep

I can never stay asleep

I always wake up tired

For healthy sleep

you want melatonin to be transported throughout your brain at bedtime. And melatonin requires a “vehicle” to transport it – that vehicle is sulfate. The remarkable thing here is that our brain restocks sulfate (the “vehicle”) when we expose ourselves to sunshine throughout the day! What a remarkable body we have!

The first thing this tells us is that exposure to natural sunlight during the day is important for sleep. But there’s a second critical component here we haven’t yet mentioned.

There’s a certain material the brain requires to make this vehicle – that material is omega-3 DHA!

So ultimately if we do not get enough omega-3 in our diet then our sleep can suffer – because the “vehicle” that transports the sleep hormone melatonin is not fuelled up.

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