BÉLA NEKTAR – Nature’s Facelift Ginko Guto Kola Creme

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A daily crème to deliver a radiant glow with Ginko gotu kola infused oils and hibiscus flowers.


Triple action treatment to tighten and firm skin whilst healing tissue deep in

the dermis.


Rich in antioxidants, it tones skin whilst it moisturizes.  Designed to illuminate your

natural beauty, by creating balance, increasing skin elasticity, and improving circulation

to boost the synthesis of collagen and regeneration of skin tissue.


A natural glow is experienced immediately upon application, as the magic soaks into your skin.




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Key Ingredients:

  • Ginko Gotu Kola grows in the mystical wetlands of the South Pacific.  In India it is known as the “tiger herb”, because wounded tigers have been spotted rolling themselves in the leaves.  Renowned as an ancient healing herb, it is rich in Triterpene saponins, known to firm and tighten the skin.  It is also packed with antioxidants, and it acts as a toner and speeds the healing process, making it excellent in treating blemishes, and erasing scars.
  • Hibiscus, a time honored beauty secret of the Egyptians, has a magical reputation for increasing the skin’s elasticity, combined with the ability to inhibit the activity of the enzyme elastase, which is responsible for breaking down our skin’s precious elastin.  It also enhances the skin’s ability to retain moisture ensuring a youthful complexion.  In addition, hibiscus evens the skin’s tone, by reversing free radical damage.  Citric aced and malice acid are known to help speed u cell turnover.  These organic acids bring your skin back into balance to create a natural glowing complexion.
  • Prickly pear seed oil, is cold pressed directly from the fruit, and the sheer quantity of seeds needed to make even a teaspoon of oil is astonishing.  Rich, in vitamins E and K, winc, and linoleum acid that stimulates new cell growth.  It also has detoxifying properties, cleansing and tightening pores and reducing inflammation that can damage collagen.  Prickly pear contains the highest levels of betalains of any known plant which are super antioxidants and a powerful weapon against aging.


Geranium, lavender, yang yang, and juniper essential oils are chosen for their abilities to sooth skin, and further magnify the properties of the infusions.