Brain Factors

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30 capsules 

Brain Factors help clear your head with key nutrients that support focus, attention, and mental function.

Combines coffee fruit extract with Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) for optimal levels of BDNF and NAD+

Soy Free Product

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Busy schedules and non-stop activities leave you feeling depleted and distracted. It’s what many describe as brain fog.

Stay sharp with Brain Factors, designed to optimize brain health by promoting BDNF, a substance produced by the body that promotes growth of brain and nerve cells, and increasing NAD+, which enhances cellular energy production.

  1. Promotes memory and focus by enhancing the communication between brain cells.
  2. Promotes attention and learning by supporting growth and development of new brain cells.
  3. Supports cognitive health at every age.
  4. Nutritional support for dealing with brain fog in older or over-stressed individuals.


Brain Factors


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