Energy Multi-Plex

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90 capsules

Energy Multi-Plex provides comprehensive adrenal support with a proprietary blend of 14 researched nutrients.

  • Promotes healthy energy levels by raising the level of the body’s energy fuel (ATP).
  • Supports healthy cognitive performance.
  • Key role in energy-producing Kreb’s Cycle and muscle recovery.
  • Adaptogenic effect to support physical activity.


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Energy Multi-Plex contains key nutrients aimed at supporting healthy adrenal function on multiple levels.

The non-glandular vegan formula supports energy production and adrenal function without overstimulation. While glandular supplements attempt to do the job of the adrenals, Energy Multi-Plex provides the nutrients to support your adrenal glands directly and naturally providing superior energy.

Why is adrenal function important?

  1. The adrenal glands are responsible for releasing several hormones including cortisol, aldosterone, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. All these play roles in regulating critical bodily functions such as energy production, metabolism, blood pressure and perhaps the most talked about “fight or flight” response to stress.
  2. Healthy adrenal function is a critical piece of overall health. Proper nutritional support can help promote healthy adrenal function.

What about glandular supplements (adrenal gland extracts)?

  1. Many people over the years have marketed glandular supplements, such as adrenal extracts, as a way to support adrenal health.
  2. However, there are several potential issues with glandular supplements, including possible side effects and safety concerns.
  3. Some studies have even suggested that over time, the use of adrenal extracts can actually inhibit your own adrenal glands from creating the necessary hormones themselves.



Energy Multi-Plex