Melatonin 0.5 mg

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Melatonin 0.5 mg supports the body’s natural sleep cycle.

  • Supports cellular health.
  • Promotes immune cell activity.
  • Helps augment the natural functioning of the pineal gland.
  • Made with hypoallergenic, vegan ingredients.


Melatonin 0.5 mg is a hormone produced by the pineal gland, which regulates the body’s sleep/wake cycle.

Regulates the body’s circadian rhythm, endocrine secretions, and sleep patterns.

  1. Recent scientific advances suggest that it may play a role in cellular health.
  2. More than a dozen preliminary clinical trials have examined its role in supporting healthy cells and tissues, promoting immune cell activity, and scavenging free radicals.
  3. Randomized studies have revealed the potential for melatonin to positively support colon, breast, prostate, and lung tissues.
  4. Its primary role is
  5. Studies indicate that it facilitates the onset of sleep, as well as sleep efficiency.


Melatonin 0.5 Mg supplement facts


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