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Pros-T supports prostate function in men and tissue integrity.

  • Supports normal urinary flow.
  • Promotes healthy prostate function in men.
  • Provides nutrients that support tissue integrity.


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Pros-T supports normal urine flow and prostate function in men, while also supporting tissue integrity.

We use plants and vitamins like Saw Palmetto, Vitamin D-3, Vitamin B6, and Nettle that work together to help support a healthy prostate.

  1. We are all very fortunate to be living during a time when life expectancies keep increasing, but the longer we live, the more health concerns we have.
  2. If you are a man and you’re into your 40s or beyond, you likely have a prostate that is becoming enlarged.
  3. By the time you hit your 50s, you have a 50/50 chance of having an enlarged prostate. And you’re likely finding that urination is something that you now have to actually think about and work to make it regular.
  4. Pros-T help you get urine flow back to normal without the side effects from pharmaceuticals.



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