Qualia Senolytic

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12 capsules

Qualia Senolytic supports the efficient use of cellular resources and encourages the regeneration of more youthful cells.

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Qualia senolytic benefits:

  • Qualia senolytic combines Neurohacker Collective’s legendary “complexity science” formulation approach with science-backed ingredients shown to help decrease senescent cells.
  • Its goals are similar to those of pruning a plant: support efficient use of cellular resources, encourage the regeneration of more youthful cells, and ultimately support tissue health and appearance.
  • Promoting whole-body cellular rejuvenation.* Qualia Senolytic represents the culmination of years of research into the biological mechanisms of aging. This two-day rejuvenation regimen may be key to unlocking cellular health and revitalizing aging tissues throughout the body.* Shop Qualia Senolytic Now.


Qualia senolytic ingredients:

  • Fisetin (Derived from Rhus succedanea Stem Extract)

Aids in maintaining tissue integrity by assisting in the removal of stressed cells

  • Quercefit® Quercetin Phytosome (Extracted from Sophora japonica L. Flower / Phospholipid Complex from Sunflower)

Promotes tissue integrity by aiding in the elimination of stressed cells

  • Longvida Optimized Curcumin® Extract (Sourced from Curcuma longa Root)

Enhances brain health and cognitive function

  • Olive Leaf Extract

Aids in the regulation of stressed cells in joints

  • Soybean Seed Extract

Promotes healthy cellular activities related to the regulation of stressed cells

  • Luteolin (Extracted from Sophora japonica L. Flower)

Supports tissue integrity by assisting in the removal of stressed cells

  • Milk Thistle Seed Extract

Promotes liver health and the regulation of stressed cells

  • Piperlongumine (Derived from Piper longum Root Extract)

Supports senolytic and immune functions for the regulation of stressed cells

  • Senactiv® (Extracted from Panax notoginseng Root and Rosa roxburghii Fruit)

Promotes exercise recovery and the regulation of senescent cells in muscle

Suggestions on the use of qualia senolytic:

  • Take 6 capsules a day for two consecutive days. Wait at least several weeks before repeating. Use monthly for best results.*



  • When using qualia senolytic, Keep tightly closed in a cool, dry place.


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