Reishi Mushroom Extract

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60 capsules

Reishi Mushroom Extract Supplements for Daily Balance & Longevity*


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Reishi Mushroom Extract Supplements for Daily Balance & Longevity*

  • 1 g daily supports healthy aging*
  • Traditionally used to support immune health, vitality, and longevity*
  • 250 mg beta-glucans in every serving for immune support*
  • No grains, starch, or fillers
  • Certified USDA Organic fruiting body mushroom extract
  • Mushrooms are grown on their natural food source and hand-harvested at their peak

Suggested use

Adults take two capsules daily.

Key ingredients

Reishi has been cherished for centuries in Asia for its ability to fortify the immune system while supporting overall health, vitality, and longevity. It’s renowned for its role in healthy aging, including its ability to enhance energy.*

Modern science points to Reishi’s ability to enhance the quality of life, as well as its singular effects on the immune system. While many mushrooms support immune health, Reishi does so in uniquely helpful ways.*

Reshi Mushroom Extract supplement facts


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