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Rhodiola balances the brain chemicals without causing drowsiness or fatigue.

Helps maintain normal levels of brain chemicals without overstimulating.

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Rhodiola rosea has been extensively studied in Scandinavian countries and in Russia for over 35 years and is categorized as an adaptogen because of its ability to increase resistance to chemical, biological and physical stressors.

Studies from Russia suggest a positive role for Rhodiola in situations characterized by a decline in work performance, poor appetite, sleep disturbances, irritability and fatigue.

  1. Adaptogenic properties of Rhodiola are attributed primarily to its ability to influence the levels and activity of neurotransmitters and the amino acids that mimic the effect of opiates such as beta-endorphins in the brain.
  2. Normalize neurotransmitters in the central nervous system without causing drowsiness or fatigue.
  3. Studies have found improved mental performance in physicians on night shift who were supplemented with Rhodiola.
  4. Medical students supplemented it during exam periods reported improved concentration and performance, as well as enhanced well-being, improved sleep and greater mood stability.




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