Sleep Wireless Finger pulse Oximeter

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  • Integrated with SpO2 probe and processing display module
  • Easy operation low power consumption
  • Operation menu for the function setting
  • Screen brightness can be adjustable
  • Clear display: Dual-color OLED display (blue and yellow) can be changed with four directions in 6 display modes while pressing the silicon button
  • Display parameters: SpO2 value, Pulse rate value, bar graph, Pulse waveform, pulse mark, battery volume
  • Pulse synchronization function. The pulse waveform, pulse mark, and bar graph are synchronous with the pulse beep
Pulse Oximeter Q&A.

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  • Pulse Beep function: The pulse beep is synchronous with the pulse and can be on/off by press key
  • Threshold Alarm: When the measurement result is out of the pre-setting threshold, the beep will alarm and sparkle
  • Low-voltage indication: low-voltage indicator appears before working abnormally which is due to low-voltage, and with alarm function
  • Auto power-off function: It will automatically power off within 8 seconds if the finger falls out of the probe
  • 8 hours of sleep monitoring and perfusion index monitoring

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