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90 capsules

ToxinPul is a multi-function binder and detox support formula.

  • Multiple binders provide full-spectrum support for a wide range of toxins and metals.
  • Includes both systemic and GI tract binders.
  • Herbal blend supports liver and kidney function.
  • Supports bile flow for healthy toxin removal.
  • Vitamin C for antioxidant support.

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ToxinPul consists of clinically researched ingredients, each with a specific role in promoting the body’s healthy detoxification of herbicides and metals.

Particular forms and sources of ingredients were chosen for their exceptional purity and efficacy, such as Quercefit®, a unique form of quercetin that is 20x more absorbable than standard quercetin, as well as H-Pure™, a superior, premium humic acid known for its purity and concentration. 

  1. Contains 70% humic acid vs. the 30% found in most standard humic substances).
  2. Binds toxins and metals throughout the body while supporting the healthy function of the critical detoxification pathways and organs such as the liver and the kidneys.
  3. In our day-to-day lives, exposure to environmental toxins such as herbicides (including glyphosate), pesticides, and heavy metals has rapidly increased.
  4. While the body has developed an efficient process of removing these toxins, the increased exposure rate undoubtedly puts undue stress on our natural detox systems.
  5. Toxins contain dangerous free radicals that cause oxidative stress, resulting in increased inflammation, reduced immune function, and damage to mitochondria and mitochondrial function.
  6. Removing these toxins while supporting the natural detoxification process is critical to supporting patient health.




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