Whole Food Organic Fiber

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32 servings

Whole Food Organic Fiber assists with digestive health and regularity**


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Whole Food Organic Fiber

Dietary fibers are certain carbohydrates found in vegetables, fruit, and grains, that your body cannot fully digest. Fibrous foods are classified as soluble or insoluble. Soluble fibers dissolve in water to form a gel-like material whereas insoluble fibers do not dissolve in water.**

Adding fiber to meals is an easy and convenient way to help curb your appetite, promote regularity, and support healthy cholesterol and blood sugar balance. Our Organic Fiber is made with ingredients derived from nature, and nothing artificial.

Made with a unique blend of soluble and insoluble fibers for gut health.

  • Supports cardiovascular health**
  • Assists with digestive health and regularity with minimal bloating/gas**
  • Supports healthy blood sugar balance, weight management, and appetite control**
  • With prebiotic fibers and enzymes
NonGMO  Vegan2 

Suggested use

Add one scoop to at least 10 ounces of liquid. Mixes easily into water, juice, cereal, yogurt, smoothies, or your favorite recipes to boost fiber content.
NOTE: Bulk-forming fibers may affect how some medications are absorbed or work. If taking oral medication it is recommended to take this product at least 2 hours before or 2 hours after your medication.

Whole Food Organic Fiber supplement facts


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