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Argil (Green Clay Facial Mask)


It took over a decade to trace a clay with this chemical composition. It is not a typical clay. Naturally pH-neutral and not reactive even for most sensitive skin, Katari Argil has extreme pulling power for drawing out impurities, black heads and clearing skin of excess oils and acne. Its mineral composition is packed with minerals that work on a cellular level to help regenerate skin and balance it out whether it is dry or oily.




100% Pure Tunisian Green Clay (pH-neutral 7.24; hypoallergenic)


Argil works well on all skin types. Nothing needs to be added except for warm water and the easiest is to use it for 5-7 minutes under steam while in the shower, rinsing it off last and following up with a moisturizer (Hoba is perfect for it). 


Argil can be used as often as needed. If redness occurs, it is a normal (though rare) reaction and means that Argil is doing its job by improving blood circulation. It is not an allergic reaction.

Katari Argil can be stored in an air-tight container indefinitely. Temperature or light do not affect it. Argil will absorb smells and moisture out of the air if left uncapped. Please use Katari non-metal sustainable utensils or other non-metal utensils to avoid oxidation.


4 oz (113 gm)

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Argil (Green Clay Facial Mask)